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Publish Detailed wedding Agenda

Publish complete itinerary for different wedding functions, add details like auspicious time, color theme, dress code and food menu for each, outline major activities and keep track of RSVPs - all inside one consolidated digital platform. Not just that, you can also control visibility of private functions for specific guests.

Invite All Your Guests to your own Wedding App

Wedding Chime lets you connect with your wedding guests in a way they will never forget! Once your personalized wedding app is ready, you are good to invite all your guests online by SMS, email, social networks or unique QR code. This will keep everyone in the family connected and updated for the big day ahead!

Share your stories with Pictures and Videos

Share your beautiful love story with all your friends and family members using lively photos and videos. Not just that, our professional content writers help you translate your precious memories into a magical love story for everyone to read! Your information remains safe and is visible only to those who you choose to give access to.

Publish news about your wedding through your own app

Wedding Chime puts everything the guests need to know in their pockets! You can update everyone in real-time and announce any important news about your wedding with one quick tap! It will get broadcasted to all your guests on the app and will keep everyone in the loop.

Publish venue location and map

Make it convenient for your outstation guests to locate your wedding destinations by embedding floor plans and labeled layouts of your venues using Google Maps within the app. Map inserts are great pieces of extra information that you can include for your guests, especially when it is a destination wedding.

Conduct Polls, take reviews and engage with your guests

Share your shopping list, exchange ideas on reception decor, conduct online polls to decide between Spanish Tapas or Turkish Mezzes for the menu, rate dance performances, publish news, like/ comment on photos and videos and do much more with Wedding Chime to engage all your guests online.

Send Push Button Notification about your wedding

With Wedding Chime, you can send instant alerts, reminders and last minute changes to a function on the fly so everything goes as planned and nobody on your guest list misses a moment. Your guests will receive a push notification on their devices. It’s identical to the notification they see when receiving a Facebook or Instagram message.

Manage Hotel Bookings for your Guests

You can share details about hotel options for those traveling from afar, so they are not lost in a new city. You can also add details about reservations if you’ve blocked rooms in advance for everyone and any exclusive group discounts that they can avail during their stay. It is one of the most considerate things you can do for your outstation guests or those traveling with kids.

Engage with your guests in a secure environment

Wedding Chime is invitation-only mobile app and everything that gets discussed and shared on it stays only within the members that you have specifically chosen to give access to. Your information is 100% safe as you control who enters your app so you don’t need to worry about guests sharing personal photos and videos.

Manage Ground Transportation for your Guests

Managing transportation for your friends and family during your wedding is one of the most important points to take care of as a host. Using Wedding Chime, you can easily share information about airport shuttles, car rentals, public transport or private cabs with your guests so they are not lost, looking for directions in an unfamiliar city.

Direct messaging enabled between your guests

Wedding Chime app lets you deliver an unforgettable online wedding experience to your guests. They can message you and other attendees privately within the app for quick, one-on-one discussions about dress code, food choices, DJ song list or just anything under the sun!

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